Journal of Neurophysiology can promote a meeting related to neuroscience for free, and publish the proceedings in a virtual journal issue (Collection).

Proposals for meeting sponsorship should be directed to the Editor-in-Chief. You should also complete the Call for Papers proposal form to provide details about the meeting.

More Information:

1.  Limitations on meeting promotion:
  • Meetings will be promoted only if Journal of Neurophysiology can send promotional materials, and solicit manuscripts at the meeting.
  • The promotion of the meeting by Journal of Neurophysiology must be described in meeting materials.
  • The meeting organizers must inform participants that a Call for Papers related to the meeting is open.
  • Decisions on whether to promote a meeting will be based on the reputation of the organizers, the topic of the meeting, and the likelihood that participants will submit an article to Journal of Neurophysiology for the related Call for Papers.

2.  How we promote the meeting:

  • Information about the meeting will be included in our monthly newsletter, as well as our social media on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • The Call for Papers related to the meeting will be posted on the Journal Homepage.
  • Meeting organizers will be provided a link to virtual journal issue (Collection) related to the meeting, which they are encouraged to post on their Society or Meeting Website.

3.  Processing of manuscripts related to a meeting:

  • A Call for Papers related to the meeting will be open for one year.
  • Submissions for a Meeting Call can include all typical manuscript types (reviews, regular research papers, rapid reports, and case studies in neuroscience).
  • All manuscripts submitted for a Meeting Call will undergo peer review, and must meet our editorial standards.
  • The decisions made by the Journal editors are final.
  • Hence, there is no guarantee that manuscripts submitted for a Meeting Call will be published.