• Strategies to augment volitional and reflex function may improve locomotor capacity following incomplete spinal cord injury
    Kristan A. Leech, Hyosub E. Kim, Thomas George Hornby
  • Diversity of molecularly-defined spinal interneurons engaged in mammalian locomotor pattern generation
    Lea Ziskind-Conhaim, Shawn Hochman
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Phrenic Afferent Neurons
    Jayakrishnan Nair, Kristi A. Streeter, Sara M.F. Turner, Michael D. Sunshine, Donald C. Bolser, Emily J. Fox, Paul W. Davenport, David D. Fuller
  • Afferent input and sensory function afte human spinal cord injury
    Recep Ali Ozdemir, Monica A. Perez
  • Spinal control of motor outputs by intrinsic and externally induced electric field potentials
    Elzbieta Jankowska
  • Sodium pump regulation of locomotor control circuits
    Laurence David Picton, HongYan Zhang, Keith Thomas Sillar
  • The potential for understanding the synaptic organization of human motor commands via the firing patterns of motoneurons
    Michael D. Johnson, Christopher K. Thompson, Vicki Maria Tysseling, Randall K. Powers, Charles J. Heckman
  • The neural control of interlimb coordination during mammalian locomotion
    Alain Frigon

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