• Use of the Aplysia feeding network to study repetition priming of an episodic behavior
    Elizabeth C. Cropper, Jian Jing, Matthew H. Perkins, Klaudiusz R. Weiss
  • Six-legged walking in insects: how CPGs, peripheral feedback, and descending signals generate coordinated and adaptive motor rhythms
    Salil Sanjay Bidaye, Till Bockemühl, Ansgar Büschges
  • Retracing your footsteps: developmental insights to spinal network plasticity following injury
    Celine Jean-Xavier, Simon A. Sharples, Kyle A. Mayr, Adam Parker Lognon, Patrick J. Whelan
  • Central pattern generators in the turtle spinal cord: selection among the forms of motor behaviors
    Paul S.G. Stein

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